Grupo Salgar, the operator of Transport and Logistics is in the process of setting up the IFS Logistics standard, with the aim of reinforcing the maintenance of the food quality of the transported goods, throughout the entire supply chain. In this way, the company ensures that the transportation of food is carried out under the strictest hygiene and temperature measures for each specific product. The project is carried out under the supervision and experience of the specialized consultant Hilván Consultores S.L.

Specifically, the initiative aims to apply the criteria of the IFS Logistics System in the organization, improve interdepartmental coordination, define strategic goals and objectives and manage documents and records in the most appropriate manner. Among other issues, it will delve into the requirements for food safety, the effective development of all kinds of related activities and the principles of the Food Defense Plan, aimed at identifying, monitoring and preventing possible sources of food contamination.

Finally, the establishment of the standard will serve to raise awareness and involve both the Grupo Salgar team, and the suppliers and subcontractors of the company on the importance of good health practices. The continued compliance of this integral management of food safety in transport and logistics will be verified through internal and external audits.