The operator is restructured into three divisions after achieving a remarkable progression in container port transport in Spain, operating a fleet of 350 trucks.

Grupo Salgar has started the diversification of its container transport business to the area of groupage, full load and temperature controlled refrigerators with the opening of new national and international services.

The company Contratas y Transportes Salgar, directed by Xavier Sales García, has just restructured into three divisions: maritime, land and rail-teco.

The maritime division will do the container transport activity that the group has been carrying out nationally and internationally from its five delegations in Spain located in Andalucia, Cataluña-Aragón, Galicia, Comunidad Valenciana and Madrid.

The new terrestrial division includes the full load, groupage and refrigeration businesses, while the new rail-teco division will assume intermodal operations.

Sales has explained to Transport XXI that “we do not want to remain only as a group that performs land transport of containers, but offer shipping agents and shipping companies with which we collaborate in a variety of services serving their national and international groupage needs, as well as their intermodal operational “.

The restructuring “is a challenge for Salgar,” explains Sales, explaining that “since we have started offering new services, the trust of our customers has doubled”. Although the businessman acknowledges that “it is a difficult path, as when we started in the world of the containers, but, little by little, the customers are supporting us a lot “.

The aim of the group is to evolve this percentage towards a model where the company’s own fleet is the majority, “although for this, we will depend a lot on how the fuels’ evolution behaves in the coming years”.

Grupo Salgar has been expanding its presence throughout Spain. Its main niche business is in Valencia, its headquarters. However, after five years in the market the operator has offices in the main centers of exercise in the country, “whose growth and consolidation is a fact. 50 percent of our activity is outside of Valencia,” says Sales. The businessman emphasizes that “our growth responds to the work that Salgar is doing day by day in the market, to which we offer security in the service, an economic margin and a personalized treatment from management to any traffic operation”. . In just five years, the group has achieved more than 17 million euros of sales in 2017, according to the data submitted to the registry. Salgar expects to finish 2018 with sales of over 22 million euros.

Sales explains that “Salgar’s work is in the service and then in the price, as well as the efficiency we offer, with an image of a modern company”. The group has added a new brand in the container business handling with the constitution of the company ALX Logística Integral, whose activity is limited to the business of container transport in the port of Valencia, “with the aim of giving a personalized service to some customers”. ALX has its own fleet of 12 trucks and 29 self-employed subcontractors.

Finally, Grupo Salgar will hold its annual convention of delegations on September 22nd, a date that will be used to celebrate its fifth anniversary of exercise.

Antonio Martínez – “Grupo Salgar diversifica su negocio” – Transporte XXI Valencia-| – Sep 15, 2018