The parking zone is placed 15km from the Port of Valencia, more precisely on Aladrers Street, in the industrial area of Els Mollons (town of Alaquas).

Regarding the parking’s security, the whole area is fenced, paved and supervised by professional staff both day and night; with security cameras recording 24 hours a day.

GRUPO SALGAR has its own garage and mechanical staff. Enrique Blasco is the shop foreman of the mechanic team. The workshop is located in our facilities with parking and warehouse.

Shop Foreman
Enrique Blasco

 Shop Foreman
Gerardo Cerezo


Polígono Industrial Els mollons, Carrer dels Aladres
46970 Alaquàs, Valencia


Carrer dels Aladrers, 16,
46970 Alaquàs,
Valencia, España