Salgar, as an organization working in land transport operator of containers, undertakes to accomplish with the quality policy developed in this section, whose objective is the development and improvement of its Management System, acquiring a commitment to the requirements and needs of our customers, without accepting any commitment that may affect the quality of our services.

This commitment is specified in this “Quality Policy” based mainly on the following guidelines:

  • Establish, develop and current maintenance
    – A Quality Management System that avhieves the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001 regulation, showing the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders.
  • Ensure compliance with stakeholder expectations
    – The high management position acts as the main manager of relations with customers as well as with the other stakeholders.
  • Compliance current legal regulations
    – Apply the compliance of legal and obligatory regulations in the performance of our activity.
    – Maintain the Management System implemented, based on the ISO 9001 standard, as well as update the manuals, procedures, instructions and records.
  • Establishment of goals, objectives and programmes
    – Provide the necessary resources to achieve the established quality objectives.
    – To often monitor the resources, through the indicators proposed for this purpose, to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Customer satisfaction
    – Continuous understanding of the needs and expectations of our clients, with the sole aim of increasing their satisfaction with our activities and services.
    – React to possible complaints that may arise from the performance of the activity, as a way to solve customer dissatisfaction.
    – Make staff aware of the importance of knowing customers’ needs, to bring improvements that achieve their satisfaction.
  • Relationship with suppliers and / or subcontractors
    – Realizar una selección y evaluación continua de nuestros proveedores y subcontratistas, asegurándonos poder ofrecer el mejor servicio a nuestros clientes
  • Staff participation
    – Continuous training of all staff involved in our activities, through the implementation of training and qualification plans.
    – Motivate the detection of opportunities for improvement, which prevent the digression in the development of the activity.
    – FPromote enquiries, participation and active involvement of staff in the management and objective achievements of the Management System.

Salgar’s Management undertakes to review and modify, as appropriate, this corporate policy on a regular basis, ensuring that all sections set forth remain in force, that its content is consistent with the company’s objectives, as well as with the expectations and needs of our customers.

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